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Mythic Imagination and the Actor


Mythic Imagination and the Actor, Marissa Chibás draws on over three decades of experience as a Latinx actor, writer, filmmaker, and teacher to offer an approach to acting that embraces collective imagination, archetypal work, and the mythic.

Mythic Imagination and the Actor is a book that honors performance practices of the past while calling for new models for our work that incorporates and reconnects us to the mythic, the innovative, and the global.  It asks that we move from practices formed within a fixed universe to an approach to acting that embraces the multiple potentialities that modern science has brought us.

José Rivera - Playwright, screenwriter, and academy award nominee for Motor Cycle Diaries

"A beautifully written exploration of the key aspects of the actor's craft as seen through the lense of mythology, imagination, spirituality, and the hero's quest. "

Book – 1

Charlayne Woodard - Two time Tony award winning actor and playwright

"Marissa’s voice is so clear, inviting, and trusting. Mythic Imagination and the Actor is a new ‘way in’ and we need it. "

Book – 2

Octavio Solis - Writer of Lydia, Mother Road and Retablos

"Sages, tricksters, femme fatales, and wrestlers swarm the pages of this remarkable book by Ms. Chibás. In crafting an approach to acting that is transformational, she has achieved something even more special: a book that is not only about to how act, but how to live. "

Book – 3

Daniel Alexander Jones - American Playwright, Performance Artist

"…to imbue actors with a sense of curiosity, power, and wild courage when it comes to engaging ideas that I call ‘Ancient Future’ that straddle time and space and multiple cultural formations. This book will unlock something in your practice. "

Book – 4

Ron Cephas Jones - 2-time Emmy Award Winning Actor

"She has been a mentor and inspiration to me…This Book is a MUST READ. "

Book – 5

Dawn Akemi Saito - Drama faculty Julliard and Fordham

"(Chibás guides) actors to their deepest sense of truth… "

Book – 6

Cynthia Santos-DeCure - Actor, voice and dialect professor, Yale School of Drama

"This book is filled with exercises to enliven the imagination of the actor. "

Book – 7

Nataki Garrett - Award winning Director

"The beauty of this work is that it reminds you that your power is within you, not outside of you, and all you have to do is to listen to your internal voice and the intelligence of the body to allow you to access your greatest artistic self. "

Book – 8